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Corinne Christopherson, cpcc, pcc

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     I started Cottonwood Professional Coaching with my partner after completing my coaching certification in the summer of 2017. Before my coaching career, I was a Senior Wilderness Adventure Therapy Guide for young adults and adolescents at an outdoor behavioral health program. I was trained in clinical treatments and coaching methods in this program, beginning in 2014. While my interest in pursuing a coaching career grew over time, my belief in my abilities to become a successful coach declined alongside. I lived with doubtful self-talk and had a nag for talking myself out of taking the next steps.  

     What got me out of this pattern of stagnation was talking to a certified life coach. In my first coaching session, my coach challenged me to see things differently and was successful at helping me to get out of my own way. For the first time, instead of roadblocks, I saw pathways forward and developed the necessary tools to take action.

     Since then, I have earned a CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, from CTI, The Coach Training Institute, and a PCC, Professional Certified Coach, from ICF, The International Coaching Federation. I completed my MBA, Master in Business Administration in 2021 from WGU, Western Governors University. I worked with Western Governors University as a Senior Student Success Coach, helping hundreds of students earn their degrees, and I currently partner with Unite Fitness Retreat, helping their clients to achieve life-changing results. 

      My experience, skills, and knowledge combined with clients' strong desires to make an impact in their life are what allows for transformative work to unfold. We will set goals that you never thought imaginable and you will meet them. I am thrilled to make this my life's work.  

CERTIFIED Professional COActive Coach


Mountain Range

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Corinne helped me realize how many stories and limiting beliefs were holding me back. After working with her, I got promoted and have been taking on new challenges I never would have before.

- google reviews

Way deep down I was feeling compromised, and I didn't even know it. I feel I have grown so much. Life coaching might be new to you, but I can't recommend it strongly enough.

- google reviews

Corinne has a remarkable way of validating my experiences, and leading me to see the strengths I already have. She is an excellent coach, and I'm so grateful to be working with her.

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