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Corinne ChristophersoN CPCC, PCC

CERTIFIED Professional COActive Coach

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Top 3 Values

I offer a judgment-free space and meaningful support for clients not to be limited in their ideas. 

I do this work because I really love it. Witnessing a client's process to becoming their best and most successful self is an honor and a privilege.

I view my clients as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I fully trust that they have the answers and will partner with them to help them find it. 

     Hi, I'm Corinne. I am Cottonwood's dedicated CoActive Coach. I started Cottonwood Professional Coaching in Salt Lake City, UT with my partner after completing my coaching certification in the summer of 2017.

     My coaching career began in 2014, training in clinical treatments and coaching methods as a Senior Wilderness Adventure Therapy Guide for youths at an outdoor program. While my interest in pursuing a coaching career grew over time, my belief in my abilities to become a successful coach declined. I lived with doubtful self-talk and had a nag for talking myself out of taking the next steps.  

     What got me out of the pattern of stagnation was talking to a certified life coach. In my first coaching session, my coach challenged me to see things differently and was successful at helping me to get out of my own way. For the first time, instead of roadblocks, I saw pathways forward and developed the necessary tools to take action.

     Over the last decade, I have worked with a wide variety of clients who all share a similar goal: to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I coach men and women to improve their careers, relationships, and personal growth. One indicator that you're ready for coaching is if you've had a conversation with yourself (maybe a few times) about the potential for living as a better version of yourself. I would like to invite you to have that conversation with me instead and commit to living in a way that honors the person you're ready to become.

      My experience, skills, and knowledge combined with clients' strong desires to make an impact in their life are what allows for transformative work to unfold. We will set goals that you never thought imaginable and you will meet them. I am thrilled to make this my life's work. If you're interested in learning more about me or are curious about how coaching could play a role in your life, schedule a free 30-minute Intro Session. 


Mountain Range

- google reviews

Corinne helped me realize how many stories and limiting beliefs were holding me back. After working with her, I got promoted and have been taking on new challenges I never would have before.

- google reviews

Way deep down I was feeling compromised, and I didn't even know it. I feel I have grown so much. Life coaching might be new to you, but I can't recommend it strongly enough.

- google reviews

After I left each session I felt like I was on my way to becoming the person I wanted to be. Corinne helped me see my strengths and capitalize on them all while challenging me to expand my thinking... expanding my thinking lead me to new ways of approaching some of my struggles!
Not only did I walk out of each session feeling rejuvenated and whole, I also very much was already looking forward to the next time we would meet.


- google reviews

Corinne has a remarkable way of validating my experiences, and leading me to see the strengths I already have. She is an excellent coach, and I'm so grateful to be working with her.

- google reviews

Working with Corinne has been a great investment in my personal and professional development. I can definitely see the progress and it is exciting! I particularly appreciate Corinne’s creativity and insights. She has helped me leverage my own strengths to develop new perspectives and successfully address challenges.

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