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The Leaders Make the Difference

Effective leadership isn’t just about making decisions; it’s about fostering an environment where your team feels empowered and trusted. Despite knowing this, many leaders unintentionally create a culture of fear or mistrust, causing employees to withhold valuable insights. Worse, many make uninformed and costly decisions instead of seeking out the appropriate help. Executive coaching helps leaders understand their blind spots and proactively build the skills to help their organizations thrive.

What our clients say

Ted distilled a number of complex challenges and issues we are facing and then created a relatable narrative that helped our team understand that there is hope ahead.

- Matt G. | Sr. Director at HMA

Executive Coaching

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Making it to the c-suite can be a rude awakening for many. The boardroom can easily become an echo chamber where people withhold the truth to stay in your good graces. It can be a political battleground. And it can be a pressure cooker where your job feels ever on the line.

An executive coach serves many functions for the leaders of a company: a confidant who sees you always as your best, even when others have torn you down; an honest mirror helping you to understand your blind spots; a teacher who guides you down the path of emotional stability; and a support when you no longer have an authority to go to for support. 

The outcomes you can expect will be better decision making, better emotional balance, improved communication, and better work-life balance without sacrificing your output. 

Your Investment

You'll invest $350 per session for your work with one of our coaches. Some pay this out of pocket but many receive coaching as part of their compensation package. For smart companies, this is an easy spend because leaders who are coached simply do better.  

Leadership Development


The best way to get promoted is to demonstrate that you're already a leader. Read that again. Because SO many people get this wrong. Instead, they try to get noticed. They speak more than they listen. They make their managers' jobs harder with constant check-ins and attention-grabs. They try to pad their performance metrics. And in the process, the communicate that they are not cut out to lead people.

We've led teams full of talented people who would make wonderful leaders if they could simply get out of their own way. It's why we developed a 12-week leadership development program. This program will help you create a values platform, communicate effectively with hiring managers, identify self-sabotaging behavior, build confidence, and challenge to you step into a leadership space before you get the title.

Whether you are a leader who feels like you could strengthen your skills or someone who aspires to lead people, this program is for you.

Our Leadesrhip Development Clients Have:

  • Improved leadership abilities

  • Earned Promotions

  • Elevated job satisfaction

Your Investment

This 12 week program, typically priced at $2,400, is $2,160 when pre-paid. We expect that clients who engage in this experience, show up fully for sessions, and complete their homework will step into a new role earning 10% - 20% above current salary within a year of starting.

Ask about monthly payment plans!

Business Owner Intensive

Business Team

You were excited to leave your 9-5 and start a business so you could finally be your own boss. Now every single one of your customers is your boss and you earn your job each and every day. 


Building your own business is exhilarating and wonderful. But it's exhausting and stressful when you understand how many other jobs you have to do. Sales? Accounting? Networking? Customer Service? You do it all. And the work becomes more challenging as you add employees to help you out.

If your business is just starting or if you've been at it a while and you're ready to grow, we can help. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all program for business owners because everyone shows up at a different spot but in general, you can expect to streamline processes, learn what you can let go of, and build new strategies to earn revenue.

Working with us will help you:

  • Develop a values-based mission to steer your decisions

  • Prioritize sales and marketing systems that fit your needs

  • Take committed action that will grow your business

Your Investment

This 12 week program, typically priced at $2,400, is $2,160 when pre-paid. We expect that clients who engage in this experience, show up fully for sessions, and complete their homework will decrease their stress and improve yearly revenue by 10% - 20%

Ask about monthly payment plans!

How Does It Work?


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