Helping Hand

Mental Health Therapy


Ted Winkworth | Coach, Therapist


After years of being a therapist I've noticed that people don't find joy by focusing on their problems. Instead, they find joy by following a path toward fulfillment.... 

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Individual Sessions
$200/ Session
(2-4 times monthly)

  • Evidence Based Therapeutic Models

    • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Positive Psychology lens

    • Trauma Informed Practice

  • Completely Virtual (Zoom Sessions)

  • Self-Pay or HSA Accepted


Trauma Informed

A trauma-informed therapist is aware of the complex nature of trauma and resulting coping mechanisms. Like a chronic injury or open wound, trauma must be treated with incredible care to ensure your safety. 


In the wake of Covid-19 we have decided to operate completely remotely. While we were nervous about the connection between therapist and client when we began, we've found zoom to be an incredible resource for creating a deep connection while maintaining the highest standard of confidentiality.

Positive Psychology

We are learning that the medical model of trying to fix "broken" mental health actually makes mental health symptoms worse. That's why we approach our work from the lens of creating positive mental health.

Coaching + Therapy

We ask "What would you like to work on?" Instead of "What's wrong?" because we believe in empowering our clients. Sure, we'll run across problems and we will face those problems with compassion and empathy. But we will always come from a place of putting you in charge of your life.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is an evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that feels a lot like coaching. The point isn't fixing you, it's about getting unhooked from the belief that you are broken.

Identity & Meaning

Philosophical questions like "Who am I in the world?" or "I'm so small, how can I make a difference?" are core components of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We welcome clients who are working through the big questions.

A note about insurance:

We do not accept insurance payments and we'd like to be transparent about why we've made that choice.

Simply put, the world of insurance is built to make receiving mental health services difficult. Quite often, insurance companies would like clients to prove that they are "sick enough" to receive benefits. This puts undue pressure on mental health practitioners to assign a diagnosis and make a case for how incredibly non-functional our clients are. It also puts our clients in a position to have to jump through hoops to prove that their suffering is worthy of care. 

It's a system that undermines the goal of mental health therapy and it's one that we will not participate in as it is currently built. 
We start with the assumption that our clients are Creative, Resourceful, and Whole and we're sticking to that story across the board in our practice. 

We truly apologize for the financial burden this puts on our clients and are working on ways to provide therapy at a lower rate for clients who want to do the work and simply can't afford it. In the meantime, we are happy to accept HSA or FSA payments and provide you with a monthly "superbill" that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Depending on your insurance company and your plan, they may or may not pay but we're happy to help you with the process of submitting.