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Coaching for Leaders, Creators, and Dreamers of All Kinds

It's Time to Level Up.

A coach can help you unlock potential: In your business, in your team, in yourself.

Schedule a free introduction call to experience the power of partnership. 

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Your life has the potential to be a work of art; something you use to create joy and meaning for yourself and others. When you're finding that relationships, a job, or a creative pursuit feels flat, coaching is a path back to creativity.


If you're ready to start creating something, coaching is for you. 

Work is more than just a place to trade time for money. It's a vehicle for making an impact on the world and the people around you.

Coaching creates direction, shared identity, and meaning for your team. That means more engagement and better outcomes. 

From Our Customers

I was lost, I was unhappy, I was stuck. Coaching provided the space, support, and tools I didn't know I NEEDED to unlock my creative wellspring. 


We created Cottonwood Professional Coaching because we believe that work, life, and play should be meaningful and fulfilling. Instead, too many people are just getting through the day.

We know that when people connect to their purpose, they have the ability to create lives and businesses that are truly extraordinary.


With over a decade of experience with the psychology of motivation and fulfillment, we have the tools to help you get there.

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