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A Virtual Space for Coaching & Mental Health Therapy

Therapy vs Coaching - Which is right for you?   Take the quiz 

Hit the Reset Button.

If you're not where you want to be, there's a path back to the life you know you should be living. 

Schedule a free introduction to start moving in the right direction again.


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Coaching is about designing your life with intention. We can help you rediscover your fire and move in the right direction when things feel stagnant.

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If you are overwhelmed with emotional difficulties, have suffered trauma, or are stuck in destructive relationship patterns, we can help.

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We offer a variety of services that will help your business, retreat, or event thrive. Sit back and let us design a coaching offering for you.

CCT CPCC Badge because we are mentor coaches for CTI coaching students


Our Certified Co-Active Coaches are proud to offer certification coaching at a discount to CTI certification students. 


We created Cottonwood Professional Coaching because we want to live in a community with people who are alive with purpose.

We believe deeply in the power of coaching & therapy as tools to help people break out of dysfunctional patterns and lean into richer and more meaningful lives.


This work starts with you but it isn't about you. It's about all of us and the gifts that you have that the rest of us desperately need. 



Book an Introduction.

Schedule a 30-minute phone call to discuss your goals and where you might be stuck.


Meet Your Coach.


Get to Work

Whether you decide on coaching or therapy, we'll get you working on a program that will help you move forward.

Your coach will call you for a free 30 minute coaching conversation. Get a feel for your coach and get your questions answered.

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I was lost, I was unhappy, I was stuck. Coaching provided the space, support, and tools I didn't know I NEEDED to unlock my creative wellspring. 

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Need more information before you book an intro call?

Fill out this form and we will respond to you within two business days. You can also text us directly at (385) 422-8877.

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