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Co-Active Certification Coaching

Choose the right Mentor Coach

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If you've completed your coaching education hours, it's time to find a mentor coach that help you grow as you complete your credentialing requirements.

The right mentor coach will provide you with excellent coaching from the Co-Active model while challenging your growth as a coach and as a person. Your coach should also role model the coaching style and professional presence that you'd like to emulate.

Schedule an introductory call with us today. We'll spend 30-45 minutes talking you through the process, answering questions, and demonstrating what it's like to receive certification coaching from us.

Coaching services are available virtually through video or phone anywhere in the world.


We are full time Co-Active Coaches who understand how scary it can be to make the jump from "coaching on the side" to really making this work a part of your life.

We love working with new coaches who are ready to stretch themselves and their coaching skills in pursuit of truly designing a new and fulfilling life.

Certification Mentor Coaching (CPCC Path)

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We highly recommend the CTI Certification path and believe that your certification coach should be an integral part of the certification process, helping you to build a deep aliveness into your coaching style. We do that by learning where you'd like to grow and coaching you from those skills you are working on. When effectively role modeled, these skills will start to naturally turn up in your own coaching and broaden your range. 


Certification Mentor Coaching Requirements:

  • Your coach must hold a minimum of a PCC & CPCC

  • Meet with your coach for 6 to 12 hours over the course of 6 months.

  • An additional 4 hours of Mentor Coaching/ Supervision (provided by CTI)

What to Look for in a Mentor Coach:

  • Your coach has a style that you want to emulate in some way.

  • Your coach is able/ willing to coach you from areas you'd like to grow in.

  • Your coach's lifestyle and practice is in line with what you'd like to create.

  • You believe in your coach's ability to help you grow personally through certification.

Mentor Coaching (ACC/ PCC Path)


While we recommend CTI Certification, there may be reasons for you to skip it and take the ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) path instead. That's why we offer mentor coaching for those Co-Active Coaches or any other coach who is choosing to pursue an ICF coaching credential.


Are you confused about all of the paths and acronyms? You're not alone. This process can be a bit tricky. During our intro call we can help you understand your options and as your mentor coach we can help guide you through the requirements.

Please note that we require mentee clients to have completed 60 hours of coach training before beginning Mentor Coaching through this path.


ACC/ PCC Path Mentor Coaching Requirements:

  • Your coach must hold a minimum of a PCC or a renewed ACC. 

  • You must meet with your coach for a minimum of 10 hours over the course of three (3) months or more.

An Investment in GROWTH. 

Choosing to invest in your Co-Active Certification program is an important one. The investment you make in a certification coach is just as important.


We work to create returns in the form of skill improvement and the confidence to charge a higher fee for your coaching work. Along the way you'll also likely find an improvement in your overall wellbeing.


We charge $175 per hour for certification students.


Total mentor coach hours required by CTI over 6 months.


Total investment $1000* 

The initial investment? 45 minutes.

*$50 discount when fees paid up front. CTI certification students only.

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