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Certification Coaching

What's Certification Coaching all About?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue your ICF Coaching Certification. As you finish your coach training, Certification Coaching is essential to help you fine tune and level up your craft. 

All of our coaches hold PCC and CPCC credentials and have many years of coaching and supervision experience in various venues. Through you work with us you will improve your coaching competency, learn new ways of applying coaching tools, and learn first-hand about the value that you'll soon be providing to your clients as a credentialed coach.

Schedule an introductory call with us today. We'll spend 30-45 minutes talking you through the process, answering questions, and demonstrating what it's like to receive certification coaching from us.

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Coaching services are available virtually through video or phone


Co-Active Certification Track


Co-Active Certification is so much more than just additional education hours. It is a constant stretching of your range and building of skills. We believe that your certification coach should be an integral part of that process. 

Our philosophy is to find out which techniques or lenses you struggle with as a coach and coach you from that place. When you experience coaching from someone who skillfully bottom lines, embodies, relies on process, etc. you'll feel the value add as a client. It's one thing to be taught about some of these skills and be told why they're important. But when you feel value add as a client , it's easier to open up to experimenting with these things with your own clients.

Mentor Coaching Requirements:

  • Your coach must hold a minimum of a PCC & CPCC

  • Meet with your coach for at least 1 hour/ month for 6 months.

  • If taking the ICF path, an additional 4 hours of Mentor Coaching/ Supervision.

An Investment in YOU. 

Choosing to invest in your Co-Active Certification program is an important one. The amount of practice, continued learning, networking, and support you'll receive will give you a leg up whether you start your own practice or bring these new skills into your current work.

The investment you make in a certification coach is just as important. You will want to work with someone who is dedicated to the work, understands the certification process, and can model excellent coaching skills to help you level up faster.

We are happy to work once per month, break up your requirement into biweekly chunks, or create a more robust coaching program to give you a more immersive experience. Schedule an intro and let's talk about how we can best meet your needs.


We charge $175 per hour for certification students.


Total mentor coach hours required by CTI over 6 months.


Total investment* 

The initial investment? 45 minutes.

*Additional $50 discount when fees paid up front