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Co-Active Coaching

The World Needs People Who Have Come Alive.

The world doesn't need any more consumers. It needs creators; people who have figured out why they're here and pursue that vision with intensity and vigor. Co-Active Coaching is a method for building that kind of intentional and creative life.

When you Schedule a free introduction you are starting on the path to a greater aliveness and to boldly creating the kind of world you want to live in.

Coaching services are available virtually through video or phone


Friends Having Coffee

We believe that members of the most educated and productive generations in history deserve to feel purpose and fulfillment. Instead, most research is showing we're more miserable than ever.

Life Coaching from the Co-Active Model is about acknowledging that we have control over the way we live our lives. Not only that, but we can drastically improve our experience in the world by leveraging our strengths and values.

And for times when something a little more intense than coaching is needed to help you get back on track, our Mental Health Therapist can help you move forward with a unique blend of therapy and coaching.

Life Coaching can help you:

  • Define or achieve meaningful goals.

  • Create a compelling vision for the life you want to be living.

  • Overcome doubts and insecurities that keep you stuck.

  • Identify tools and inner resources to build motivation.

  • Find purpose and live with intention.

  • Break out of life-draining patterns.

  • Get focused and better manage your time.

  • Build an empowering identity.

  • Connect to your core values.

  • Get energized about life.


Female applicant in job interview demonstrates how career coaching can help our clients land their dream job

Before you make a big change in your career, it's smart to talk to a coach. Why? Because how we feel about our jobs is often a symptom of general life dissatisfaction rather than a cause. Good career coaching will help you decide if you need a new job, a change in the way you approach your job, or a change in your personal life that will allow you to better appreciate the job you have.

Career Coaching can help you:

  • Assess your alignment with strengths and values at work.

  • Create a vision for fulfilling and satisfying work.

  • Address imposter syndrome and perfectionism.

  • Bring your career into balance with the rest of your life.

  • Create a structured plan for a career transition.


Ceramic Pottery

Culture is created by artists, activists, and brilliant creators of all kinds who are bold enough to share their work with the world. Unfortunately, many creators are blocked by fear of judgment, lack of belief in what they have to offer, or fear that art won't pay the bills. We offer creative coaching because we don't want to live in a world where those who might create beauty and inspiration for the rest of us are languishing at a desk job.

Creative Coaching can help you:

  • Reconnect to your identity as an Artist or Changemaker.

  • Bring your inner Artist to every aspect of your life.

  • Overcome Resistance and start delivering quality work.

  • Build a lifestyle that prioritizes creative work.

  • Make the impact on the world that only you can. 

An Investment in YOU. 

 Most of the things we spend (and waste) money on serve the purpose of providing temporary entertainment. Coaching is about intentionally investing in a better life in the long-run. The return you can expect from your coaching investment will come in the form of life satisfaction, fulfillment, clarity, effectiveness, aliveness, and for some - more income.

Our fees are representative of our our training, our experience, and our belief in our ability to help you get you the returns that you're looking for.


Big changes take time. That's why we recommend 3 months.


We charge $200 per session for coaching services


A typical coaching session will last 50 minutes.


The average American spends $750 per month eating out and having drinks.

The initial investment? 30 minutes.

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